Friday, 11 December 2015

What Christmas Means to Me

I've spent so much time talking about the financial aspects of Christmas - Christmas shopping, Christmas spending, Christmas giving; planning and budgeting, couponing and flyer shopping and saving, gift-giving and giving back - that I thought I'd take a moment to talk about what Christmas really means to me.

Christmas is about family.
Christmas is about children.
Christmas is about sharing moments and making memories and creating traditions.
Christmas is about magic.

Twinkling lights, glittery gold balls, drooping green garland and big red bows, Christmas carols and crackling fires, the smells of pine needles and gingerbread and hot cocoa, letters to Santa and hanging stockings and trimming the tree, baking batches of rich, buttery shortbread and decorating gingerbread houses and curling up to watch Christmas movies with steaming mugs of hot chocolate, the Santa Claus parade and the town tree lighting and skating under the twinkling light displays, the anticipation of Christmas Eve and the excitement of Christmas morning and the overwhelming warmth magic love joy of the holidays.

I asked my kids what their favourite things are about Christmas:

The Santa Claus parade.
Decorating the tree.
Baking Christmas cookies.
Watching Christmas movies.
Picking out gifts to give their brothers.
Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's.


Nowhere on the list was getting toys or gifts. Christmas is just as much about magic and tradition and making memories for my boys as it is for me - which tells me that no matter how much I may spoil my kids at this time of year, I must be doing something right.

What is your favourite Christmas memory or tradition?

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