Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Taking a Break

Dear reader: I'm taking a little break from little townhome love.

Well, little or long - like Ross and Rachel, I'm not actually sure about the status of this break. It may be short, and I may return refreshed and rejuvenated in a few short weeks. Or it may be permanent - I may just be done with all of this.

There are so many reasons.

This blog is no longer what I wanted it to be. It once started as an outlet - an outlet for my rants, a public forum for my ramblings, a place for me to toss my two cents' worth of opinions on all things parenting out into the world. A way for me, at home with my third baby, to feel connected to other adults, to other moms, to an online community of parents that didn't exist when my older boys were babies. A way for me to reconnect with myself, to start writing again, to rekindle that passion and reactivate my sleepy mom brain. And a way to record a small portion of my life as a mom, a snapshot of a certain time in my family's life while my boys were a certain age.

And it was all that, for a time. But it somehow changed, over time. As it became a source of income and I had to be more conscious of content. As I added a comments section, and readers started responding and asking questions. My little townhome love somehow turned very Stepford. I even got myself a stalker at one point, harmless but creepy, which made me hyper aware of what I was writing at all times. My posts became very stilted, and I just don't feel comfortable sharing my life in the same way any more. There is something very eerie and uncomfortable about seeing someone trying to literally be you. Beyond creepy.

And there are things going on in my life right now, big things taking up a lot of head space, things too big to write about but too big not to write about if I am writing - so it's better not to write.

So I'm taking a break.

Thank-you to you all for sharing this journey with me. Thank-you for reading. Though it has changed over time from what I wanted it to be, little townhome love is very special to me. And I may be back.



  1. I'm super sad to hear you're taking a break, but I totally TOTALLY get it (says the blogger who (sadly) hasn't blogged since last August due to a very adorable little boy who (quite rightfully) demands his mommy's full attention during his waking hours, and then leaves me far too tired to put coherent multi-word sentences together once he's asleep at night.) You have to do what's right for you. Love you lots!

  2. I'm so sad you're taking a break from blogging because I really enjoy reading your posts. I hope you do return to writing after a break!

  3. I hope that those "big things" are not bad things. All the best to you. I've enjoyed your blog immensely and would be happy to know when and where you're writing in the future!

  4. You had a stalker? That's seriously messed up. Some people really just need to get a life.

    Can you post other sites where we can find your work? Are you still writing elsewhere or on break from everything right now?

  5. I wish that you would start writing again. I loved reading your posts every week. You had a way of making me feel sort of happy, like back to childhood. You must be a great mom.

  6. I just spent a half hour browsing your old articles. I miss seeing your posts every week. I hope everything's well with you and your boys and you are enjoying whatever is you're doing with your life now.