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Our lovely little townhome - diy projects, organization and decor ideas, fun budget-friendly craft projects and lots of before-and-afters.

Home decor, living room organization, warm colours, shelf stylingMy little townhome love!
Living on less - how to prioritize
How Much Space Do You Need?
Forever house...
City vs. Suburbs
A Slice of Suburban Paradise
Wealth, Worth and Geography
Mortgages, Moving and Money - Oh My!
Home Reno Planning
Hard Lessons About Saving
Holiday Gratefulness

Home Decor

A little stone, a lot more curb appeal
A little paint goes a long way (stairway makeover)
Living room before & after
Dining room before & after
Powder room makeover
Home decor, warm coloursUnderwater Pirate Paradise
Under the Sea bedroom update
Sports-themed boys' room
Baby's new big-boy bed
Playroom organization

Home decor, kids' bedroom, bedroom organization
My Ikea home
Little corners
Art from the heart
Art wall update
Art Wall Farewell
A little bit of beach at home
Vacation memory jar
Cheap and cheerful paper puffs
A little painted glass project
Not-so-sexy fashion makes super sexy decor!
Knick-knacks and trinkets and tchotchkes - oh my.
De-Clutter Your Home & Life
Organization - keep it where you use it!
Re-purposing: Use What You Have
Year-End Organization
Backyard plans
Tree envy
Front Garden Fix
Spring Gardening
Spring is Springing
Getting Our Spring Garden Growing
So we're basically farmers
First Harvest
Organic eating - our growing garden
Dirt. A post about dirt. (And our organic garden)
Growing Green, Saving Green
Garden Harvest Season
Autumn Harvest

Seasonal Decor